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Classical bust on the verge of tears

Encaustic on board

I'm a finalist in the Eutick Memorial Still Life Award. Hosted by Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery the show runs from 11 November - 7th January  


I love this series

The plates are editioned onto Chiri paper and editioned to 12 prints only.

The last eight of each plate mounted in Stonehenge 300 gsm warm white paper and housed in an archival Solander box, complete with glicee content and title pages on Arches paper.

Click on the thumbnails below to see the prints.
Click here for the colophon for Little White Lies
I had a show of the Plankmen water colours at esd gallery in January, two group shows and the most extraordinary experience in my life, working in the studio with my 74 year old mother toward our major show at Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery.
Such an experience. Such a treat.

Pam Gilmour/James P Gilmour
Paintings and prints
Click here to see documention of the show

Pam showed a suite of monoprints and they are really lovely and you can buy them for $400.00 mounted, just waiting for a frame. Please click on the link below... These are really worth a look...

Click here for Pam's monoprints

Don't Look Now
hours before the raidHours before the raid

Then my lovely Danny Ooh Yeah had a show at esd gallery... So proud of him, his images are extraordinary have a look and judge for yourself
Click here for Danny's pictures





The Bathos

            Definition: An abrupt transition in style from the exulted to the                                     commonplace, producing a ludicrous effect

In 1764 William Hogarth got a cold and loudly proclaimed he was dying

When the cold progressed to his chest he annonced his final work ... Tail Piece or The Bathos
and then he was committed to it.

Indeed it was his last work... he recovered from his cold and for the rest of the eight months of life he settled his affairs and revised old work

In this wall installation I follow earlier themes as 1991's Rake's Progress and 1995's box set, The Analysis of Beauty (AGNSW, British Art Library (V&A London), Monash University)

This accordian bound wall installation re-interprets Hogarth's original engraving to represent a playful duality to themes of grief, dread,war,death and hopelessness counteracted with all the vibrancy of 1960's style wallpaper, complete with weird purple flowers dancing... Oh the irony! Oh the Bathos!.



death rowInTexas took 4 months to complete. I found myself strangely compelled to learn more and more about the inmates, always aware that as I was working late at night, they were sitting on the other side of the world in a 6 x 9 ft cell… I’m passionately against the death penalty. The very idea that the greatest punishment available is to be executed just makes no sense at all to me.

When I stumbled upon the Texas Department of Criminal Justice website I knew there had to be a work made. The site lists and updates executions as if they are television plots. There are currently 267 people on death row in Texas … well probably that’s 266 now as just a few weeks ago Lester Bower, on death row for 31 years was executed. I just don’t understand…

For scans of the panels click here
For notes on the panels click here

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