I'm currently working on an accordian bound artists book called 'So many strange visions'

Click here to see the sketches for some of the pages of the book

Egg Tempera

Mixing pigment and egg yolk as an emulsion and painting onto layers of hot chalk ground, this ancient technique has a luminosity all it's own.

Current work is based on what is often labelled as the first novel written in the English language, Sir Thomas More's 1516 philosophical text, 'Utopia'

Click here to see sketches for the Utopia series


Beeswax, pigment and damar resin, heated and applied onto linen hot. 

Encaustic (Latin for 'burned in') is applied in layers and the entire surface is heated at the end to melt the painting into one layer.

Using a pallette knife and chisels, texture can be built up quickly to make a distinctive and permanent surface

Click here for examples of encaustic work